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Our Story

'Feed the hungry and help those in trouble; then your light will shine...' Isaiah 58:10

Partnering with ministries to meet the needs of the poor


From all of us at Seed2Life International, we sincerely thank you for taking time to share in our amazing story.

We believe the vision for Seed2Life International was planted in all our hearts over a period of years. Each of us serving alongside churches, ministries, social services and individuals (both domestically and abroad), who were reaching out to the poor. We experienced opportunities to help others as they worked to develop goals, addressing the tangible, spiritual, and basic humanitarian needs of the poor around them. We observed and been a part of well-intentioned churches, ministries and organizations that started with high hopes, yet struggled to accomplish their goals; often due to a lack of necessary resources. Key resources like adequate equipment and supplies, sustainable finances, healthy team building, proper goal setting and sufficient planning - all seemed vital to sustainable long-term success. Watching church leaders, ministry visionaries, and countless volunteers struggle to find and provide the necessary resources they needed to flourish, motivated us to want to help bridge those gaps.

Then in April of 2012, during a ministry leaders conference in Tacoma, WA; the Holy Spirit confirmed deep in Brian Hetzer's (Seed2Life Board President) heart the seeds the Lord had planted long ago - the vision for a global network of seed planters. These seed planters would help to resource churches and ministries around world to fulfill their God-given purpose and goals; to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both in word and in deed. At that time Brian and his wife Debra began fasting and praying for wisdom and direction. They prayed for a name and a clear vision for this ministry that seemed impossible for a few simple people in southeast Washington. Yet as the Bible tells us for man it is impossible, however nothing is impossible for God. They began also praying for people with the same vision planted in their hearts. Friends with a similar passion and the gifts, talents and abilities we needed to get this vision off the ground' and into the four corners of the world!

Just a short couple of months later (June 2012) seven of us gathered in Yakima, WA for our first board of directors meeting and officially established Seed2Life International. The initial board of directors included Brian & Debra Hetzer, Joel and Mallory Huibregtse, Kristi Andring (now Smith), Danielle Beaudry and Tamara Ralston.

It was incredible to hear stories of how God has been working in all of our hearts with a common vision and stirring similar passions. As a team, we prayed, dreamed, brainstormed, and shed a few tears. We began talking about ways we could help churches and ministries network and acquire their essential resources as they pursue addressing the needs of the poor around them.

As we continued to brainstorm the scope of our vision, we also pictured Seed2Life as an easy way for individuals, groups, and businesses to leverage their own resources in partnership with others who are helping the poor in our communities and around the world! Wed found that many people have a desire to give and help others, but dont always know how to do it on their own. We envisioned Seed2life International as a great opportunity to help people, help people.

As our story continues to grow and develop, we are excited for the opportunities God will bring to partner with Him in restoring hope and transforming lives. As a team, we are in great anticipation for the amazing stories that are sure to come as we invest into life-changing ministries, missions, and churches everywhere. Isaiah 58:10 tells us that when we feed the hungry and help those in trouble, it is then that our light will shine! We are excited for what lies ahead as we help to empower churches and ministries to shine the Light of Jesus Christ into communities all over the world.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our story.

Seed2Life International