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What We Do

'Feed the hungry and help those in trouble; then your light will shine...' Isaiah 58:10

Partnering with ministries to meet the needs of the poor

Primary resources we help to network and distribute include:

Tangible Goods: resources such as building supplies, beds/linens, food, medical supplies, toiletry items, clothing and equipment.

Financial Resources: examples of distributed funds would be for things like facility remodels and repairs and needed supplies not resourced through our Tangible Goods division.

Short-Term Missions Teams: These teams will aid in activities such as building projects and construction assistance, community outreach events and administering humanitarian aid to the poor.

Ministry Development: As needed, Seed2Life will assist with goal settings, event planning, leadership training, team building and general ministry development.

* * *

Download our Resource Application file here.


Through our Seed2Life Resource Application process, ministries are able to submit a request for assistance in locating and acquiring necessary resources for their events, activities and development.

Our application review team will review submittals based upon the following criteria:

1. In alignment with our Vision and Purpose
2. Of like faith and foundational beliefs, in accordance with our Doctrinal Statements (see What We Believe page)
3. Best match our available resources

It is the intention of Seed2Life International that each of our approved partnerships are for a specified time frame and not open-ended. The specific time will be determined as part of our review/approval process.

* * Note: Resource Application can be downloaded below. Return via scan/email or mail.